Advanced Project Management

Advanced Project Management (PM201) provides the next step in project management practices required for more significant projects with higher degrees of challenge. Such major projects will usually invoke full application of the requirements of an organisation’s capital investment and project procedures. While there are usually less of these projects their impact on the business requires that the project manager exercise leadership, business and personal skills in addition to advanced project techniques.

PM201 is specifically tailored to the larger budget (> $50M), higher risk and more complex projects in your sustaining capital budget - projects in which the project manager and key team members will be full time on the project supplemented by a variety of specialists and part time contributors. PM201 delivered by HAIN Consulting captures the specific requirements of an organisation’s project procedures by using real project situations and case study exercises taken from the client’s recent experience.

Recent client projects and documentation provide the perfect canvas for illustrating good practices and areas for improvement. Discussion arising from these complex situations challenges a project manager’s skills and problem solving ability, highlights their knowledge deficiencies and pin points their areas for development. Each participant completes a Personal Learning Journal to individually record this information to guide their on the job skill development.


  • Available as a 3 or 4 consecutive day workshop. Delivery as three 1 day workshops spaced 6 weeks apart with a self-study component is also available.


  • Demonstrate effective application of the organisation’s project procedures
  • Define responsibilities and key competencies required for the project manager of a major project.
  • Apply the standards required during the Feasibility and Execution phases of a project as required by the organisation’s investment process.
  • Confront the practical issues which arise during execution and provide best practical solutions.
  • Increase ability and performance in completing projects that meet organisational business goals.

Key Features

  • Interactive workshop combining small group exercises on real project situations, participant presentations to share experiences & techniques, re-enactment of complex situations to engage leadership and personal skills application.
  • Manual of 12 case study exercises with suggested responses and completed examples of organisation’s project procedures.
  • Safety leadership for the Project Manager.
  • Project Manager Competency questionnaire and assessment.
  • Available in English and Spanish languages.
  • Certificates provided for full completion of workshop activities.
  • Endorsed by Australian Institute of Project Management and Institution of Engineers, Australia for professional development.

Suitable for

  • Project personnel and those with several years’ project experience who want additional skills or are required to contribute to larger more complex projects.

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Participant Feedback

“What I enjoyed the most was the Role-Play to illustrate real life situations in the challenging life of a Project Manager.”

“I think I now understand that there are a lot of systems and processes out there. I will be a more effective PM by choosing the right tool in the right circumstance.”

“I enjoyed the group atmosphere and giving presentations.”

“Workshop flow was excellent - facilitators brought a lot of knowledge and experience to the class which made it very engaging.”