Coaching & Capability Building

Our experience from over 20 years of working with Project Managers has shown that structured coaching in a group setting with a focus on issue identification, clarity of analysis, specific action plans and support with implementation is required to deliver project success and real competence development.

Building Project Management Capability dispenses with analysis of completed projects and focusses on improved execution of current projects. A small group of current project managers are challenged and supported to raise their “game” to the next level and successfully deliver larger and more complex projects. HAIN Consulting integrates effective action learning processes, creative project issue analysis, application of best practice principles, personal goal setting, peer group support and professional coaching. The result is a stimulating 6 month program that delivers improved project results and increased capability in project managers.


  • Standard format of 7 days spread over 26 weeks.
  • Face to face sessions 6 weeks apart with web conference support interspersed.


  • Enable existing Project Managers to raise their “game” to the next level.
  • Prepare a Project Manager for the challenge of delivering larger and more complex projects.
  • Provide structured situation review, past lessons capture and additional knowledge as applicable to current project situations.
  • Implement specific project improvements using goal setting, peer support and professional coaching.
  • Demonstrate a project manager’s increased capability from actual on the job results.

Key Features

  • Structured program of face to face sessions for a group of 8-10 project practitioners currently involved in the delivery of projects.
  • Highly experienced coaches provided to achieve an effective support ratio and provide a diversity of opinion.
  • Managed as a guided and supported self-help group to multiply the experience of each participant.
  • Participant Journal captures personal learning outcomes, analysis techniques, individual goals, implementation results and evaluations.
  • Certificates provided for full completion of workshop activities.

Suitable for

  • Applicable for select groups of semi-experienced project/area managers who currently occupy positions of responsibility in the delivery of challenging projects for the client organisation.

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Participant Feedback

“Goal setting each week ensured that key aspects of my role were covered as I set time aside to deliver the weekly goals.”

“Progress discussion with independent person helped to talk through ideas from a different point of view”.

“Felt that I achieved my goal of developing the Hazard & Risk Register. I now need to ensure that this process is followed through and items actioned accordingly. Without the PM Training, this item would have continued slipping”.