Project Management Governance

Our consulting services ensure the effective integration of capital investment systems, project governance procedures and project management procedures to set the framework for effective sustaining capital project delivery. Our experience will help to avoid the common pitfalls of lack of standards for smaller projects or excessive documentation generated by the application of major project standards.

HAIN Consulting focusses on the effective delivery of sustaining capital projects within an operating environment, brown field projects. The delivery of most sustaining capital projects is managed by project teams where team members, including the project manager, may have responsibilities beyond their project role. Consultants and contractors employed under specific conditions with defined scopes of work make up the remainder of the team. This multi-tasking context for project teams combined with the constraints of an operating environment pose a severe test for even the most capable project managers.

A similar situation is produced in the professional services area where the resourcing of a client commission is provided by a team who have other projects to deliver in an overlapping time frame. Both these circumstances require the development of strong leadership and personal skills to complement a sound ability to implement the project management fundamentals.

Our consulting services in this area put at your disposal our experience working with many organisations to communicate their project governance processes and then to structure and manage the organisational change effort required for efficient and effective roll out and implementation.