Project Delivery Capability

Building project delivery capability requires a concerted on-the-job commitment to the application of new techniques, repeated assessment of competence and the rapid communication of lessons learnt. Just as continual sustaining capital effectiveness is vital for building and maintaining the profitability of a business, on the job support of project managers is vital for building project delivery capability.

When improvement activities are fully integrated with the delivery activities of current projects it ensures that a project manager develops the capability to perform under pressure. In this situation the need to improve and the need to deliver are one and the same. Hain Consulting integrates capability building programs into a client’s on-going business activities to maximise project outcomes at the same time as project manager competence is developed.

Coaching and capability building supplements workshop development programs to provide support and guidance for project managers in the application of new skills on-the-job. Competency surveys provide a valuable source of feedback from project team members to a project manager on their demonstrated strengths and areas for improvement. Finally communities of practice allow the rapid communication of lessons learnt and adaption of improved techniques.

To enable our clients to build project delivery capability our services are structured in terms of: