Competency Assessment

HAIN Consulting has developed an on-line PM 360° Project Manager Competency Model (PMCM) and assessment tool to assist professionals to identify their current strengths and areas for improvement. The competency model is based on research, interviews and consultancy assignments completed over a 10 year timeframe. The feedback received from a Project Manager’s closest associates allows them to set improvement goals, select additional training, seek out mentors or role models and look for opportunities to increase their overall level of competency.

A total of 20 competencies are grouped in four clusters of Project, Personal, Business and Leadership. Each competency is assessed against a 5 level scale and the assessment uses behavioural statements to describe the expected actions in each competency area. The design has been based on the following principles:

  • Cover the competencies and use language readily identified by practising PMs
  • Include the PMBoK areas as these are widely known and accepted
  • Include Personal and Leadership areas
  • Limit the total number of questions to be answered
  • Highlight the importance of each cluster of competencies

Competency is best assessed on the job and the on-line tool is designed to assist in this process. A 360° Survey Feedback Report (approx. 25 pages) provides a summary of the responses by each of the 20 Competency elements as well as by the PMBoK process groups of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing. A more detailed Coaching Report (approx. 50 pages) is also available to assist with mentoring and a structured coaching process.

Project Managers are able to complete an on-line self-assessment using our PMCM by going to the PMCM Survey page on our website. A self-assessment, when completed with a reasonable degree of objectiveness and honesty can provide a valuable lead up to the full 360° survey.