Project Specialist Workshops For Project Controls & Risk Management

Project Controls and Risk Management are two areas where the increased expertise of specialists is frequently relied upon by the project manager to ensure that appropriate techniques are being applied. Specialists in these two areas are often key next level managers in the project team reporting to the project manager on larger budget (-/+ $50M), higher risk and more complex projects. However, the project manager must possess a good understanding of these areas to ensure that they are able to fully utilise the skills of their specialist managers.

HAIN Consulting provides PM301 Project Controls and PM401 Risk Management workshops for project managers and specialists in these areas to refine and increase their competence. Whilst each of these areas contains a great deal of readily available knowledge the specific procedures of an organisation’s project management system will control the standards by which effective implementation is judged.

In project controls and risk management an organisation’s risk appetite will control the manner and the intensity of effort that will need to be applied by the project team. In addition the dependence that the manager of a large project has on the services of an Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) contractor will influence the way in which skills in these areas will need to be exercised for effective performance.

PM301 and PM401 are usually developed for the specific standards of the client organisation thus the following areas provide only general information applicable to either workshop.


  • Depends on Client requirements – minimum 2 days.


  • Uniquely developed to address the Client’s requirements and the level of development of their project specialists and managers.

Key Features

  • Technical Manual containing procedures, templates and advanced techniques.
  • Case Study manual of recently completed client projects showing application of the project controls or risk management standards to major projects.
  • Highly interactive application and practice focussed workshop for groups of 12 to 16 people.
  • Personal Learning Journal to establish individual improvement plan.

Suitable for

  • Project managers, project controls or risk management specialists, finance or commercial managers, and others needing a greater depth of understanding.

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