Project Business Interface

The efficiency with which an organisation employs its sustaining capital budget is a significant factor in the overall performance of the business over time. Those organisations that complete the same number of successful projects in a reduced time frame, for a smaller budget, or with better safety and operability are ahead of their competitors. However, achieving this level of performance on a consistent basis is extremely difficult within any organisational context.

The interface of an organisation’s business investment processes and their project delivery systems provides the first area to address when seeking to improve overall sustaining capital budget performance. These processes set the standards and provide the framework for the governance of project delivery and must be carefully aligned and consistent in requirements. Regardless of the high standards of performance established by these processes the final outcomes will depend largely on the interpretation that business leaders, project owners and sponsors implement in their governance roles.

All investment processes involve a series of approval reviews or gates at which the strength of their business case and their readiness for advancing to the next stage are assessed. Strong educated gatekeepers have long been recognised as the foundation stone on which improved project delivery performance must be built. The continual challenge for the managers who fulfil these gatekeeper roles is to maintain investment and project standards when faced with current business pressures.

To address each of these aspects our services are structured in terms of: