Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) are formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared area of professional endeavour: a group of project practitioners from separate operations within an organisation. These communities of practice enable those people who share a passion for project management to learn how to do it better as they interact through regularly forums.

HAIN Consulting can facilitate the implementation and continued management of a Project Management CoP within your organisation. CoP forums focus on short presentations by participants on recent project management improvements and discussion of current challenges. They share recent methods, address current issues, increase motivation and focus or refresh participants on the need for continual improvements and implementation of the latest techniques.


  • Generally 1 day forums at intervals determined by geographic spread and numbers.


  • Increase knowledge and understanding of company standard PM procedures.
  • Generate commitment to implement the procedures in a pragmatic manner to maximise the value produced for a current project.
  • Focused feedback and guidance on issues encountered during current projects.
  • Develop relationships that encourage on-line support to diverse operational sites.
  • Pool individual knowledge to create improved application and business benefit from the collective of all experience.

Key Features

  • HAIN Consulting works with the client to select preferred format, process & topic grouping to optimise the effectiveness of the sessions and scope the content.
  • Captures and distributes recent lessons learnt via Report on Workshop outcomes.

Suitable for

  • Any organisation that wants to support the development and growth of their project management community to ensure that project learnings are shared and improved practices are rapidly transferred between diverse operations.

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Participant Feedback

  • “Hearing various commentaries on application of the PMS from those with intimate knowledge of them and PM in General.”
  • “Networking with other site operations personnel and discussing common issues/approaches/strategies. Understanding of the PMS system and identifying personnel that is responsible for various aspects of it.”
  • “Meeting all the people in the studies and projects group. Getting exposed to PMS, wasn’t aware of its existence.”
  • “Good to bring together the studies and project groups so we can better understand what is important to each group, and how to assist implementation.”