Business Leaders, Project Owners & Sponsors

Business Leaders, Project Owners & Sponsors exercise considerable influence on the success or otherwise of project managers and their teams. These executive and management positions establish critical business objectives, provide project governance through project approval committees and influence project requirements via steering committees and stewardship roles.

HAIN Consulting provides interventions to equip this group of leaders with the practices of good governance and an appreciation of the factors which support leading project performance. Business Leaders, Project Owners & Sponsors are time poor so our involvement is highly time efficient and is designed to create a site specific action plan for improving their contributions to the delivery of capital projects based on the latest project benchmarking data and leading site practices.

Usually conducted as a site leadership team action planning activity not a training session. If training needs are identified these can be organised for subsequent sessions.


  • Depends on Client requirements - half-day minimum.


  • The business benefit of excellent project management to the organisation and current PM performance against best practice.
  • Behaviours that business leaders, project owners & sponsors should expect from project managers to achieve excellent project outcomes.
  • Key behaviours through which business leaders, project owners and sponsors contribute to excellent project outcomes.
  • Agreed action plan for the site to implement improvement.

Key Features

  • Flexible format to suit leadership team project maturity.
  • Summary of current project performance against best practice.
  • Checklists of key behaviours for business leaders and project managers.
  • Report with road map to success & initial site action plan.

Suitable for

  • Asset or site leadership teams, project review committees and functional leads.

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Participant Feedback

Improvements that will result from plans made at the workshop:

  • “Focus meetings on capital projects.”
  • “Decent scope and project management.”
  • “Better tracking will improve the culture on site by improving visibility of projects and their outcomes.”
  • “Improved process up front to identify “value” items included in Business Plan capital.”

Key behaviours that will be implemented as a result of the workshop activities:

  • “More involvement in project leadership.”
  • “More stakeholder engagement.”
  • “Mentor to teams on process and importance of management but more reporting and communication.”
  • “Better tracking of capital project milestones.”
  • “Better definition of Operations Representative role.”

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